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Christmas celebrations mean different things for different people, depending on their choices. For some it is the time to spend time with all their near and dear ones while for some it is a time for reflection on the year gone by, some prefer to go all out and celebrate the feast of Christ and some believe in a quiet celebration to commemorate the fest of Christ.  It goes without saying that Christmas celebrations around the world involves a variety of traditions, ceremonies, prayers; each distinguished from the other based on local, cultural, religious and social norms. However, the one aspect which is common everywhere in the word is celebrating this occasion with the family.
For many people, Christmas celebrations are all about gifts, gifts and more gifts. One of the important meanings of the celebration is to observe the essence of giving, however due to increased commercialization, this is getting lost somewhere. Simply reading the bible, attending the church service and singing a few Christmas carols before eating a grand Christmas meal with the family is enough to celebrate this special occasion.


Christmas celebrations Traditions

A look at the Christmas celebration around the world brings forth some interesting traditions.  Traditionally the colors red, green, blue, silver, gold and white have been associated with the celebrations since the very early days. The reason for the use of this color is explained thus: green represents the everlasting life, blue represents the sky from where the angles descend, and silver and gold represent the prosperity of God’s blessings. Red is believed to represent the bloodline of Jesus while white is the representation of the virgin birth of Jesus from the womb of Mother Mary. These colors are prominently evident in the celebration traditions across the globe.


Christmas celebration ideas

It is always a great fun to implement some new Christmas celebration ideas during the holidays. Choose a country as the theme and include all the holiday traditions followed there for an altogether different and unique experience for all your loved ones this time. Get the whole family involved in organizing the celebrations; assign each of them with different task and monitor it from time to time to see the progress of the work done. The Christmas celebration ideas can be based on countries like Mexico, Columbia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom or nay other country that you chose.  


Christmas celebrations in America

Most of the festival traditions followed globally originated and became popular in America. Preparation for the celebration begins right after Thanksgiving celebrations, which is traditionally celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. People start decorating their homes with flowers, ornaments, greenery, lights and candles to usher in the celebratory mood. Christmas Eve is not an official holiday, so many offices and workplaces organize celebrations involving parties and gifts on this day. 


Christmas celebration across the world trivia


  • In Mexico, it is believed that wearing red underwear on New Year's Eve will usher in new love in the coming year.
  • The first artificial Christmas trees were made in Germany out of green dyed goose feathers.
  • Children in Argentina receive their Christmas gifts on 6th January which is known as the ‘Three Kings Day’. At night children placed their shoes outside the door, in anticipation of it being filled up by the Magi
  • It is estimated that about six million rolls of Sellotape are sold in the run-up to Christmas day
  • Trafalgar Square in London has now received the traditional Christmas tree from Norway for more than sixty years
  • Pig’s head with mustard was a traditional Christmas dish in early England
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