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Christmas Activities For Adults


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Christmas is all about celebrating and having a good time with close family and friends. This is the one time, in the year when work takes a backseat and all of us want to just enjoy by attending parties, exchanging gifts and cards and taking part in some of the adults with our family and friends. When it comes to party games it should be something where lots of people can participate and have lots of fun and merriment while playing the games. No matter what celebration theme you have opted, it is important include some adults

On this holiday season, try to organize some innovative Christmas for this. Perhaps they can come up with a suggestion about some of their favorite games. Keep in mind the preference of the guests and also the space available for organizing the activities. Based on the choices you have you can organize indoor adult activities or outdoor adult activities for your guests.Christmas is the time to spread the message of goodwill and happiness all around, it is also the time to indulge in some fun with all your loved ones by taking part in various activities and games. How about hosting an all-adult party this Christmas season? This party is an occasion adults to have a relaxed time without having to worry about their kids. Make sure that all your friends attended this party; not having somebody to look after kids should not be the reason anyone to miss out on this.

Some single adults or couples many not find appropriate arrangements to leave their kids back home, so arrange for a couple of sitters such people. The parents can have a good time in the party while the baby sitters will mind the little ones; if the party is in the evening, most of the little ones will be sleeping soundly! So, just get someone to look after all the kids, while your guests enjoy; as a good host you must take care of just about everything.


Blind feeding

  • This is a fun and interesting game and once it is started, you will inevitably find all the other couples queuing up to take part.
  • To start this game, get a couple to sit at the head of the table and then blindfold both of them using a scarf or a necktie.
  • Hand them a bowl with a scoop of ice cream and ask one of them to feed the other.
  • Who will feed whom; can be decided by the other guests present in the party.
  • Warn all the participants in advance, that this is a messy game, so they must bring along some spare clothes to change into while playing this or after playing the game.


Know your partner

  • Another activity which can be organized not just during Christmas time, but at anytime is ‘know your partner’ activity.
  • Ideally the game will be perfect for couples to find out how much they know about each other.
  • To start this activity, let one of the spouse leave the room while the others can ask questions about his or her partner to the spouse in the room, don’t forget to write down the answers.
  • Let the other partner enter the room now, ask him/her those same questions and find out if the answers match or not and how much the spouses know about each other.


Guess who?

  • Guess who is another interesting activity for during Christmas time.
  • This game, you can gather small personal items like a keychain, a pen, a notepad, scarves, jewelry etc at one place.
  • Next, take out these items one by one and see if the participants can recognize who owns which item.
  • It will be hilarious to find out what items one must be thinking that the other possesses.
  • There are several fun activities adults can enjoy in a party.
  • Activities like enacting the nativity scene through a Christmas manger, putting up Christmas lights, decorating the Christmas tree, cooking the holiday food among others will be ideal foradults.

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