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Christmas Activities for kids


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Ideally the holiday season accompanying Christmas is a fun time where everybody wants to relax and enjoy some peaceful moment with their families. However, this time can easily turn out to be a stressful and an unpleasant experience for you, if you are stressed and hassled about how to organize everything properly. If you have small kids in the family, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind so that they do not cause you any problems. Children ways want to be busy; they are constantly on the lookout for some or the other action, the answer to keep them occupied is through the Christmas activities for kids.


Activity ideas

When it comes to Christmas activities and tasks for kids, there are several activities for you to choose from. The Christmas activity kits are a good option here, most of the kits contain activities which help in sharpening the minds and the subsequent mental growth of kids. Before arranging the Christmas activity ideas that you have in mind, how about asking the little one if he or she has any special preference? See if those ideas can be implemented and if yes, your kid will be delighted to know that his favorite activity is going to be a part of the recreational activities during the celebrations.

Here are some activities that you can plan for your kids during this holiday season. All the activities are simple and will keep them interested for hours besides helping them in building up their mental capacity.


Ornament making activity

  • Get all the children to help you in creating some Christmas ornaments to decorate the house.

  • For this arrange all the materials required and let the kids come up with their own unique ornaments, it can be anything like the image of Santa Claus, a candy cane, a jokes, a stick figure it can be just about anything.

  • We know when kids design the ornaments; it might come out a bit clumsy, but just go ahead and use those decorations, it will make their day!


Jigsaw Activity

  • The jigsaw is another engrossing Charismas activity for kids that can keep them engrossed for hours.

  • For this activity, you can buy the puzzles from the store or you can create your own ones.

  • If you are making it at home, a good idea will be to make the puzzles in the shape of the different holiday symbol like a Christmas tree, Santa and his entourage etc.

  • Children can try to solve this individually or in groups depending on how many of them want to take part.

  • If there are many of them, you can divide them into groups and then announce for a prize for the group that solves it first.


Printables Activity

  • Printables are another interesting activity for kids in the holiday season.

  • Ask the children to think about some event they would like to commemorate by using three or four lines. Next the kid can choose an attractive template to write down those words.

  • Once it is ready, get the print and hang it in the living room or the room where the Christmas tree has been put, let everyone have a glimpse of your little one’s talent.

  • The printable can also be about the feeling that the child has for different members in the family.

  • Make the kid write down his or her thoughts in about three or four short lines and attach the picture of the family member along with the write ups.

  • Once you get these printables, hang those in their respective rooms, it can be a keepsake for everybody, a memory that everybody will treasure.


Cookie baking activity

  • This is one Christmas activity for kids where every one like parents, grandparents and others in the family can also take part.

  • Choose one of the easiest recipes from your recipe book for this, sure you want the kids to bake the cookies, but you do not want a messy kitchen after this is over.

  • You can make the dough and then let the child cut out some beautiful patterns to make cookies of his or her choice.

  • For this get some attractive cookie cutters from the market in various funny shapes; once the cookies are baked encourage your child to share the cookies that they helped in baking with everyone.


Charity Activities

  • Introducing them to the concept of charity work can be an education activity for them at the festive time.

  • For the charity work, take your child across to the aid house in your city. In the aid house or charity house the child can spend sometime everyday by playing and interacting with the needy kids that stay there.

  • Encourage your little one to share the gifts that he or she got from family and relatives with the children there, who may not have had even a single Christmas present.

  • This is a beautiful way of teaching them the sprit of love, sharing, caring and goodwill during the festival time.


Organize a carol activity

  • There can be nothing more amusing or interesting activity for kids than taking part in the carol singing activity wearing colorful clothes.

  • To organize the carol signing session, ask the kids to dress up in red, green or white clothes; after that they can go around the houses in the neighborhood singing the beautiful hymns on Christmas Eve.

  • As they come to your house get some small gifts for them, you can also bake some cookies and milk just for them.

  • Remember, keep some more activities handy, children can get bored very easily; so if this happens you have some other activity to distract them and get them busy with something new.

  • Christmas time is a fun time for everybody and kids should not miss out on this at any cost, organize plenty of games and fun activities not just for the children but for everybody will be a part of the celebrations at your house.

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