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Christmas Activities for Kindergarten


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When it comes to arranging Christmas activities for kindergarten kids, the options are never-ending. Based on what Christmas activities the kids will like, organize that for them; this is the perfect way for them to have fun in this holiday season.


Some of the Christmas activities for kindergarten are given below to help you.


Secret gift exchange

  • It is an entertaining activity where all the kids in the kindergarten class can take part in.
  • To begin this game, write down the name of every kid in a slip of paper and put it in a transparent bowl or a hat.
  • After that one by one get the students to pick up a name from the bowl, if they pick their own name they must exchange it.
  • Set a price level and ask the students to buy presents within that amount for the person whose names they have picked up. On the next day, the teacher can collect all the gifts with the names of the recipients; she can call them one by one and hand over the gifts.
  • It will be fun to get the recipients guess who gave them the presents. Identify the shape Identify the shape is a game that will help the kindergarten kids to sort out things according to their sizes. For this activity, the teacher can gather several items like book, ball, clock, photo frame, box, egg etc on the table.
  • Let the students take part in this activity one by one; they will have to sort out the things according to the shape.
  • For example everything in rectangle shape like the book, photo frame etc has to be collected in one place.
  • This exercise is a good way of finding out their skills about distinguishing things based on their shape and size.


Snowball the snowman

  • Snowball the snowman is a fun activity for every kindergarten kid.
  • To begin this activity, draw a snowman on a board and mark the various body parts with points; like 20 for head, 10 for stomach, 5 for the arms etc
  • Now make wet balls using tissue and ask the students to throw them at the various parts of the snowman’s body.
  • Depending on how close the kids can hit to the marks, award them with points. The kid scoring the highest points wins the game.
  • Christmas stocking race involves lots of fun and merrymaking by the participants. To play this race, divide the kids in groups comprising of five members each.
  • To begin the race, the kid can wear the Christmas stocking which they will have to pass on to the next kid in the group during the relay race.
  • If they can successfully pass on the stocking without falling down while passing it on to the next racer, they will win the race.


Candy cane throw

  • Candy cane throw is another activity where kindergarten kids can get involved. For this activity, the teacher can place a long pole or stick in a free space in the classroom.
  • Get lots of candy canes and let the participants throw the canes at the pole. Whoever throws the cane nearest to the pole will win some points and if some of them manage to hook it around the pole, they can get extra bonus points.
  • You have to keep certain basic things in mind while choosing the activities for kids. While organizing some outdoor activities, ensure that there is plenty of space for all the kids to run around freely.
  • Do not leave the kids unattended at anytime, if possible get help from your family members and friends, but don’t leave them alone even for a single moment.
  • If it is not possible for you to arrange these games, you can opt for the Christmas worksheets, Christmas puzzle and Christmas printables etc for the kids.

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