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Christmas Activities for Preschoolers


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Christmas activities and games have become an important aspect of the celebrations during the holiday season. The idea behind these games and activities, is to enable everyone starting from kids to grown up adults, to have fun and enjoy the holiday season with friends and family who gather from all over. While organizing various activities for everybody in the family, you must note that if you have preschoolers and kids at home for the celebrations, you will have to make some special arrangements for them. There are numerous Christmas activities for preschoolers from which you can choose something for the kids.


Some of the popular ones are briefly described below:


A candy cane race is a fun activity for kids.

  • In this activity, the kids can take part with their friends which will be exciting for them.
  • To begin the race get some candy canes, keep some spare canes, some of them are sure to break during the race.
  • The preschoolers can be divided into groups consisting of four members each, make them all stand in a line keeping a considerable distance between each player.
  • Hand over the candy to the child who is starting the race, he/she will have to run with it and pass it on to the next kid in the line.
  • The first team that passes the candy all the way down the line without dropping it wins the race. Get the preschooler involved in helping you with the Christmas decorations. You can help the child in making some attractive paper ornaments with the help of colored papers and glitters.
  • The preschoolers can come up with their own ornament designs and you can include that in your Christmas tree decorations.
  • Get your preschooler to write a letter to Santa. In the letter tell him/her to first thank Santa for last year’s gift; then the kid can write down what about the things they would like to get from Santa this year. Let your preschooler make some beautiful Christmas dough ornaments.
  • Cut out some attractive shapes from the dough with a cookie cutter or the child can even make his/her own figures using their hand.
  • The ornaments can be made attractive with the use of colors and glitters and put up in the Christmas tree. Have your preschooler help you, in making an attractive Christmas flower arrangement for the house.
  • Get some flowers and a few vases; see how the kid goes about arranging those flowers and putting their own unique touch to it.
  • They will love to contribute towards decorating the house with the flowers and other ornaments. Read out the Christmas stories to your preschooler.
  • This will get them acquainted about all the things related to the festival and its celebration.


Some of the stories that you can read out are:

The Life of our Lord and Charles Dickens story etc.

  • Take your preschooler out to see the Christmas lights and other decorations that have been put up in the neighborhood.
  • The child will love to go out and see all the attractive decorations. Gather the entire family in the living room switch off the lights and watch a Christmas movie with them.
  • Watch your preschooler’s favorite holiday movie, they will enjoy this session with their siblings and parents.
  • It is important to choose activities that will help them in learning new things. Through these activities they can be taught about the various traditions and practices of Christmas and why they are followed.
  • Some of the other Christmas activities for preschoolers include Christmas crafts, Christmas coloring pages, Christmas printables etc.


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