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Christmas Activities for Students


Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards Christmas Cards Christmas Cards Christmas Cards

Just as the holiday season draws near, teachers have a tough time to complete the study curriculum. Students get increasingly restless in anticipation of the festive season and it is difficult to retain their attention in study related activities. The holiday season is the time when many festivals are celebrated and people prefer to spend this time enjoying and celebrating with their family and friends. A wonderful way to keep the students engaged in the classroom during this time is through the Christmas activities for students. The activities are designed in such a way that students not only enjoy doing them, but it also becomes an important learning tool for them. 


Christmas Activities

When it comes to choosing activities for students, the options are varied. There are readymade Christmas crafts, activities and games; another option is to make customized activities for students. Whatever Christmas activities for students you choose, keep in mind their choice and preferences while selecting the activity. Teachers can also opt for some of the online Christmas activities that are easily available over the web and get the students in doing the activity which they prefer. Some of the popular activities consist of Christmas puzzles, Christmas worksheets, Christmas alphabet books, Christmas printables, Christmas crafts etc.


Popular Christmas activities for students


Coloring pages

Students can use their crayons and other coloring pencils in the Christmas coloring pages. The coloring pages come with various Christmas symbols like a candy cane, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, child opening presents under the tree, mistletoe etc. Through this exercise the students can learn about the various symbols and the colors associated with them.


Christmas worksheets and printables

A good and interactive way of improving the vocabulary skill of students is though Christmas worksheets and printables. The worksheet can consists of word twist, word jumble and scrabble activity among others. The printables can consist of gift tags, gift certificates etc.


Poems and rhymes

Another activity which is a good option for students is Christmas poems and rhymes. Get the books containing some of the most popular children’s rhymes and distribute it to them. The kids can take turns in reciting the poems in the book to the rest of the class.


Christmas play

Enacting a Christmas play or a drama is another fun activity that can be included for students during the holiday season. Help the students in the selection of a Christmas story, and in the writing of the script for the play. Choose the actors, who will best suit the various roles, oversee the rehearsal sessions and also aid them in choosing the appropriate costume.


Nativity scene in the Christmas manger

Creating the nativity scene in the Christmas manger is another engrossing activity that the students can get involved in. Prior to making the manger, tell them about its significance and how they came to be an integral part of the celebrations. Armed with all the knowledge about mangers, they can go about recreating the nativity scene.


Songs and music

Christmas songs and music can be another activity for students. Choose some of the popular Christmas carols and let the students learn it; they can sing it at the school party.


Making Christmas cards

Making Christmas cards are another interesting activity which students love to do. Let the students bring out their best creative skills and make personalized cards for their family and friends.  They can compose their own quotes and poems to be put in those customized cards.


A lesson about Christmas

A lesson about Christmas celebrations across the globe can be another fascinating activity for students. Through this practice, they will be exposed to various cultural, social and religious practices in various parts of the world. The various placed can be plotted on the globe; this will enhance their geography skills.



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