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Christmas Activities for Toddlers


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With the beginning of the holiday season, we start will all our planning to celebrate the occasion. You will find that you have lots of things to do but have very little time for this; so plan things properly to avoid any type of hassles. No matter what celebrations you have in mind, if you have a toddler or toddlers in the family, you need some extra effort for organizing something especially for them. Christmas activities of toddlers are no doubt a fun aspect, but you need to arrange a number fun games and activities for them, they tend to get bored very easily.


Keep them busy

  • If you observe a toddler for sometime, you will find that they will inevitably end up doing something or the other.
  • It is not important to give the child some fancy and expensive toys, what is important is to arrange some activities for them that will keep them busy and they will also enjoy indulging in this.
  • Christmas crafts are a favorite activity in many families for their little ones, while choosing the craft you must keep in mind what the tot loves to do.
  • Even at this young age, parents do get an inclination about what things their kid will love, so it should not be difficult to choose some activity that they will love.


Make it fun

  • Arrange for your child to decorate some of the ornaments for their special Christmas activity.
  • For this you need to get some colored paper, cardboard, glue, glitter and thread. Help the child in cutting out some beautiful shapes like stars, candy canes, flowers from the colored papers; sprinkle some glitter on top of each of them.
  • You can then aid the kid in punching small holes in all the ornaments that has been cut, put the thread though it and hang up all the ornaments in a line with the help of glue.
  • Wrap the Christmas tree with this design and help your toddler in decorating the tree with this fun Christmas activity.


Explore the Outdoors

  • Every parent knows, that toddler do not like to be cooped up indoors during the winters; especially when the outdoors are covered with show.
  • This is a good time to take the kid out on a nature walk.
  • Take them around your house where they can observe all the flowers, fruits and leaves on the trees in the garden; be ready to answer all their queries they will have hundreds of them.
  • You can also get them to collect any interesting stones or leaves they may come across outside and add that to their collection of interesting stuffs.


Make indoors interesting

  • It may not always be possible to take your child outdoors whenever they wish.
  • To dissuade them from going outdoors in the cold weather, arrange for something that will keep them occupied for a long time.
  • Put together an indoor camping for them, for this you can use some chairs, blankets, pillows and bed sheets.
  • Assemble all these in such a way that it resembles a real tent, your kid can stay there the whole day, even eat his food inside and sleep there; of course you will have to help them all the way in this.


Teach charity

  • Tell your toddler to share his gifts with others. Just tell him that there are kids who don’t have any presents and he should share some of his with them.
  • Help him or her in choosing which ones he would like to give away and then assist him or her in packing the gifts attractively.
  • This is not only an interesting Christmas activity for toddlers to keep them busy, but also teaches them the very essence of the festival, the spirit of giving in a very early age.

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