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Christmas Educational Activities


Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards Christmas Cards Christmas Cards Christmas Cards

With the beginning of the holiday season, we start will all our planning to celebrate the occasion. You will find that you have lots of things to do but have very little time for this; so plan things properly to avoid any type of hassles. No matter what celebrations you have in mind, if you have a toddler or toddlers in the family, you need some extra effort for organizing something especially for them. Christmas activities of toddlers are no doubt a fun aspect, but you need to arrange a number fun games and activities for them, they tend to get bored very easily.


Keep them busy

  • As Christmas holiday season approaches, it can get really difficult to keep the students focus on their school tasks and assignments.
  • One way through which you can get the students involved in their school curriculum at this time is through Christmas educational activities
  • It is a tough task to come up with such innovative Christmas educational activities for kids, but a little imagination and some effort on your part makes this pretty easy
  • Once you introduce all these activities, you will find that kids are in fact eagerly waiting to attend class and do the different activities.
  • The task of creating fun Christmas educational activities without hindering the normal study curriculum can be easily taken care of, if you can find out what type of activities the kids will love to be involved in.
  • The idea is to add a fun element to the classroom ambiance to make the class sessions attractive for the students.
  • One of the fun ways to make classes interesting can be to use candy cane shaped bookmarks in their books or stick some attractive Christmas themed stickers on an activity sheet.
  • For students who love spending time on their computers, some online Christmas educational activities can be specially arranged.
  • A few popular Christmas educational activities for children are briefly described below. While some of the activities help the children in developing their wiring and language skills, others help them in enhancing their knowledge about geography, history, global culture and traditions besides many others.


Christmas Alphabet Book

  • Making Christmas alphabet book is a fun and innovative Christmas activity for schoolchildren.
  • Depending on the number of students in the class, the children can be assigned to do the activity either singly or in a group.
  • The students can come up with their own list of alphabets and Christmas related words for the activity, for instance A can be for Angels, B can be for Bells and C can be for Card, Christmas, carol or Candles etc.
  • Students can draw the various symbols on the alphabets book with the corresponding word and use some festival colors to paint the pictures and come up with an attractive colored alphabet book.


Christmas Cards

  • Making some handmade Christmas cards is another interesting activity for students.
  • They can make the card based on some Christmas stories or symbols with attractive colors and sayings.
  • Some of the popular sayings or self composed poems can also be used for making the cards. Encourage the students this holiday season to give out the handmade cards instead of buying them from the store; this gesture will be treasured forever.


Holidays around the world

  • Educate and inform the kids about the different holidays and their celebrations in various parts of the world around this time.
  • Place a globe on the table, and mark out the various places where Christmas and other winter festivals are prominently celebrated.
  • Next, the students can be told about those festivals, their origin, the traditional celebrations methods etc.
  • This is a wonderful way of introducing them to the celebrations across the globe and the diverse traditions followed everywhere.


Christmas Calendar

  • Christmas calendar is an interactive activity for students.
  • They can create their personal advent calendars marking all the celebrations and events that take place in the month of December.
  • Some of the events that can be marked on the calendar include Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, Kwanzaa, Humbug Day and Poinsettia Day etc.


Christmas Story Book

  • Christmas has various stories and tales associated with it. Creating Christmas story books is something, slightly older students will enjoy doing; the teachers will have to assist them in this.
  • For this activity, students will have to collect some of the Christmas stories and with the help of some colors and pictures they can recreate those stories in the books.
  • It will be perfect to do this activity in a group where different members can do different tasks like drawing, writing and coloring.


Christmas Trivia Quiz

  • Test the Christmas knowledge of the students through the Christmas trivia quiz.
  • The quiz can be either taken online or you can come up with your own customized trivia quiz. The questions in the quiz can be on topics like Christmas food, celebrations, traditions, myths, beliefs etc.
  • Encourage the kids to take part in the quiz and arrange for some surprise prizes for the winners.


Christmas Play

  • Enacting a play based on a Christmas stories and tales is another fun and interactive activity.
  • Choose one Christmas story, select some students and assign the various roles to them. Make sure to give them enough time for rehearsals, so that they are fully prepared to enact this in front of the rest of the class, in attractive costumes.
  • Some of the other Christmas educational activities can be math puzzles, Christmas themes riddles, puzzles etc can be introduced in the classroom. Keep the child interested in attending the classes and taking part in all the energetic, lively, interactive and educational activities during the beginning of Christmas.
  • Depending on the kid’s interests the activities can be changed and implemented for them.


Journal Writing

  • Journal writing or paragraph writing is another Christmas educational activity that can be assigned to students.
  • This activity prompts the children to learn about new things and write about them in their own perspective besides helping them develop their language and writing skills.
  • Budding writers will love this activity where they can put down their thoughts, ideas and imaginations.

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