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Christmas Cards Christmas Cards Christmas Cards Christmas Cards

Christmas has many facts, myths and fun trivia associated with it. It is the time to celebrate the birth of Christ with your family and friends with all the festivities included. Knowing some of the interesting Christmas facts can add on to the festive sprit during this time. However, if you think that you know all the Christmas facts and myths you can test your skills by taking a Christmas facts quiz and see how much you can score.

Try to collect as many Christmas facts and myths as you can during the holiday season, which are associated with the festival. You can tell everybody about the interesting facts that many of them might not be aware of. The facts give an insight about the various traditions that are followed around the world for celebrating the birth of Christ.

Given below is an assortment of Christmas facts, Christmas fun facts, Christmas facts around the world, Christmas facts and myths, Christmas trivia to make your celebration enjoyable. 


Facts and trivia

  • It is generally believed that the word Xmas (another word for Christmas) is blasphemous; however the truth is that X is the symbolic representation of the first letter of the Greek word. Prior to the invention of the printing press the word ‘Xmas’ was used to for printing to save ink and time.
  • While buying cards for mom, many people opt to buy card that are traditional containing verses and quotes; but while buying cards for dad most people choose cards that are humorous.
  • Initially the song ‘Jingle Bells’ was written to celebrate Thanksgiving, but it went on to become the most famous Christmas songs.
  • Between 1649 and 1660 singing of Christmas carols was banned in England by Oliver Cromwell
  • Jesus was not born on 25th December as it is generally believed worldwide
  • The British Parliament officially abolished Christmas celebrations in 1643
  • Christmas carols was used for the first time in ceremonial church services by St Francis of Assisi
  • Sir Henry Cole of England printed the first Christmas card in 1843
  • In 1937, Austria became the first country to issue a commemorative postage stamp for Christmas
  • Electronic Christmas light were used for decorations for the first time in the year 1895; the lights were made by The Edison Company
  • Statistics show that more diamonds are sold during Christmas than during any other occasion
  • Latest figures indicate that more than 7 billion dollars are spent on over 6 billion Christmas cards that are exchanged every year
  • The tradition of kissing under the mistletoe dates back to the ancient Druids. The mistletoe was also used as a symbol of friendship and that' is from where the convention of kissing under Mistletoe comes from! The plant is supposed to have supernatural properties that bring good fortune to the house by chasing away the evil spirits.
  • The practice of exchanging gifts at Christmas is flowed so that people may remember the fact that the three wise men had brought gifts for the infant Jesus.


Facts around the world

  • Mexico is the actual birthplace of poinsettia, the traditional Christmas flower; there the flower is known as Flower of the Holy Night.
  • The Julbukk, a small statuette of a goat is a common Christmas decoration and it is made out of straw.
  • Christmas celebrations in Scandinavian feature an array of decorations made of straw, the include angels, stars and hearts etc.
  • The first artificial tree was made in Germany; it was made out of dyed green goose feathers.
  • Finding a spider web early on Christmas morning is supposed to bring good luck according to beliefs in Ukraine.
  • In the United States, Alabama was the first state to declare Christmas a legal holiday in the year 1836.
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