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Games are a fun and exiting way of bonding with family and relatives during Christmas time. When families gather there are lots of fun, merrymaking, games, laughter, and exchange of gifts among other things. Everybody starting from kids to adults to grown ups, they all love to participate in games and enjoy the celebrations with all of them. Whether you are organizing a Christmas party for your family, friends, colleagues, classmates, relatives, kids or neighbors do not forget to add some games to the celebrations.


Christmas Party Games

  • There are various Christmas party games that you can organize for your family. When you choose the party games, keep in mind the number of people who will be participating, see that you have enough space to play the games, ensure that all the equipments that you need for the game are available and finally do not forget to buy small presents to be given out to the winners. If the game is for kids, arrange for gifts to be given to everybody, they will love this.


  • Christmas hangman is a fun party game to begin with. For this, you will need a sheet of paper and a pen. The participant will be given a word which he needs to guess and fill up in the blanks within the given number of chances. If the players choose an incorrect alphabet, the other player will draw the figure of the hangman hanging by a rope, with each incorrect entry the various body parts will be drawn. To win the game, they have to guess the word, before the hangman can be drawn fully.


Online games

Online Christmas games can be another way of enjoying the family gatherings during the festival season. Today an increasing number of people are hooked to the web, so getting them to play some of the Christmas games on the web can be really fun for them. Some of the popular online Christmas games are jigsaw puzzle game, build a snowman game, Christmas gift hunt, decorating a Christmas tree etc.


Office Christmas Party Games

While organizing a Christmas party in your office, do not forget to include some fun games in the celebrations. The games can be a wonderful way of having fun as well as bonding with co-workers.

  • One of the exciting and very popular office Christmas party games is the association game. For this game someone can go around the office collecting personal items from the desk of everybody in the office (of course without their knowledge). To play the game, you can spread out all the collected items like pen, keychain and other stationery items on the table and ask the colleagues to figure out which item belongs to whom. It is a fun way of knowing what everyone thinks is on their colleague’s desk.


Family Party Games

Family Christmas party games are something everyone looks forward to.

  • One fun and engaging family Christmas party game is ‘Know your family game’. For this you can set a number of questions about the family, for example like how are Mary and Jane related, who is the paternal cousin of Mark and maternal cousin of Jenny, in which year and where did Margaret and Titus get married etc. Whoever gets the highest number of correct answers will be the winner.


  • Another interesting family Christmas game is the guess game. For this you will have to make a picture collage with photographs of all family members. You will have to add lots of old pictures like childhoods pictures, teenage pictures etc. Put up the collage in a place where everyone can see it clearly, and then get the participants to recognize who is in the pictures. The one who can identify the highest number of family members form the pictures will be the winner.
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