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Christmas History Facts


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Christmas history has some interesting trivia and facts. There are many things associated with the celebration of the birth of Christ; while some of the origins are pagan in nature, there are also various Christian origins associated with the celebrations. A quick look at some of the Christmas history, facts throws up some interesting and amusing elements of the celebrations that many of us are not aware of. Christmas history and traditions are varied and we may not always be aware of all of them.

Are you wondering how good your knowledge of history is? Well, take the Christmas history quiz and find out!


Christmas History Pagan

  • According to the pre Christian origin of Christmas, in the early days winter festivals were was celebrated in many cultures as there was not as much of agricultural work during the winters.
  • The early church created the Christmas celebration to persuade the pagan Romans to convert to Christianity without excluding their own winter celebrations.
  • The birthdays of some of the important gods and goddess of other faiths consisting of Sol Invictus, Mithras, Ishtar and Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, and war were celebrated on 25th December, so this date was chosen for celebrating the birth of Christ.


Christmas history in America

In the earlier days Christmas was not a holiday in America. This was because the English separatists who came to America in 1620 were very orthodox in their beliefs, in fact in Boston the celebrations were forbidden from the period of 1659 to 1681. Americans began to fully embrace Christmas by the 19th century and since then, they have added many new elements to the celebration. Some of the elements and symbols have gone on to become a worldwide phenomenon. The country witnessed lots of class conflict and chaos during the early part of the 19th century; unemployment was soaring and gang rioting by the disillusioned masses was a common feature during the Christmas season.

Before the civil war, the North and the South were very much divided on the issue of Christmas. The Northerners were more inclined towards celebrating Thanksgiving while for the Southerners; Christmas was an important social occasion. However, after the civil war, Christmas found more acceptance and the traditions of the celebrations spread all over.


History for kids

While introducing your kid to Christmas history, you must make it interesting and fun for them. Even the most boring of the facts associated with Christmas can become exciting for them if to tell them about this in a fun way. Decide beforehand whether you would like to introduce them to the concept of Santa Claus; many parents are skeptical about introducing their kids to the history of Santa Claus. Christmas history facts can be both educational and an interesting way to getting to know more about the festival.


Interesting Christmas History trivia

  • In June, 26, 1870 Christmas became a national holiday in America.
  • Till 440 AD, 25th December was not celebrated as the birthday of Christ
  • In 1957, the Queens’ Christmas speech was televised for the first time
  • The English parliament passed a law in 1647 which made Christmas celebration illegal
  • During the Victorian Era, the postmen were popularly known as Robins as they used to wear red uniforms
  • Canada released the first Christmas Stamp on 1898
  • Julius 1, a bishop of Rome chose December 25th to be celebrated as Christmas in 350 AD
  • Prince Albert introduced the Christmas tree to England
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