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Before anything else it is the playing of Christmas music that herald in the festive spirit during this season. Christmas is the magical time when everybody soaks in the festive spirit and takes part in the fun and merriment of the celebrations. The music adds on to the festivities where everybody wants to be with their loved one, make merry and celebrate the birth of Christ. Several renowned singers and bands come up with their Christmas songs to celebrate the occasion.


Songs have been associated with Christmas celebrations since the very early days. They date back to thousands of years, but they were not the type of songs that we sing or listen to today. Gradually, the songs began to contain lyrics that had mention of the birth of Christ and the other symbols and elements associated with celebrating Christmas.


Christmas carols are other popular songs that are sang all over. Children go around the town in groups dressed in their favorite festival attire and singing carols. Sometimes people give small gifts, sometimes they serve foods and sometimes they give small amounts of money to the carol singers. Generally the popular Christmas songs and music are sung as carols; sometimes the carol singers come up with their own music compositions as well.


List of popular Christmas music to download:

  • A Gift For All
  • Christmas Love
  • Glory, Halleluia!
  • Behold a Miracle
  • Christ Is Christmas
  • You Gave Us Hope
  • Bring the Baby In
  • God Gave the World
  • Born To Be Our King
  • Born To Be Our King
  • Come The Winter Snow
  • Joseph, Mary and Christmas
  • Jesus Was Born In My Heart
  • Thank God For Christmas Day
  • When The Herald Angels Sang
  • Christmas Is Your Birthday Lord


Christmas Music Online

Online Christmas music can be downloaded for free from many sites. You need to scout the various sites and find out which one allows you free download. You may not always find the song that you are looking for, so take some time out and search carefully for a site on the web which gives you the option of free downloading of all your favorite songs. Some of the artists whose music is very popular include Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Elvis Presley, Michael W. Smith, Gilberto Barreto etc.


Christmas Music Radio

Radio stations start playing all the favorite Christmas numbers as the season approaches. To listen to your choice of Christmas music on radio, during the festival time, you can put up special requests. There are sections on radio programs where listeners can call in, request songs and dedicate it to their loved ones during Christmas time.


Christmas Music Gifts

Christmas music can be a wonderful gift idea for a music lover. Every year during the festive season, millions of Christmas songs are sold; you can easily get one for your loved one. Some of the CDs come along with the lyrics; this can be an interesting gift for someone who wants to learn these songs. To give the songs as gifts, you can also download the free Christmas songs and compile them according to the choice of the receiver; as you will give the gift to a loved one, you will definitely know their choice of songs.

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