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Of all the traditions associated with Christmas, hanging a stocking by the fireplace is perhaps one of the most exciting one. Children hang up the stockings near the fireplace or near the Christmas tree or in a stand, in anticipation that Santa will fill it up with presents. Christmas stockings have become an important part of the celebrations and are also being increasingly used for decorations during the holiday season. There are different types of Christmas stocking available these days, you can either buy one from the store or you may make your personalized stockings for the celebration.


Christmas Stocking Pattern


There are various ways for you to make the stockings. You can knit the stocking, sew a Christmas velvet stocking, and make one from the stocking kits available from the stores. When you buy a readymade stocking, it may happen that the seams might not be sewn properly or perhaps it cannot hold the things you want to put inside or maybe it want it in bigger or smaller size for that matter. A variety of Christmas stocking patterns can be used to decorate the stocking, to give it your own unique touch. Making Christmas stocking is pretty easy, if you correctly follow the instructions given on the kit.


Christmas Stockings personalized


Many families have this tradition of making personalized Christmas stockings for every member during the holidays. If you have the knack for knitting, make some stockings and knit everybody’s name or initials on the stocking to give it the personal touch. Earlier the stockings were filled with chocolates, fruits, nuts and candies; but of late small gift items both expensive and inexpensive ones are put in the stockings for every member in the family.


Christmas Stocking Holders


Traditionally, stockings are supposed to be hung near the fireplace; however these days many houses do not have a fireplace, so it is not possible to hang the stockings there. To hang your stocking, you can use a Christmas stocking holder or a Christmas stocking stand. The stand consists of a long pole which has several branches; on the lowest branch you can hang the Christmas stocking for kids and as you go higher up, you can hang the stocking of the adults in the family.
You can buy a Christmas stocking holder kit and assemble it in yourself. The number of branches can be increased or decreased depending on how many members are there in the family. Keep the lower ones exclusively for children and if required you can hang more than one stocking in the higher branches.


Christmas Stockings sale


The stock clearance sales or the holiday discount sales are a good source to buy the stockings. A large number of varieties are available when it comes to Christmas stocking sale at the stores. As for the Christmas stocking stuffers, make it interesting for the receiver; fill it up with lots of goodies. Consider the size of the goodies you are putting in the stocking, if it is large, you will manage to put up just 2 or 3. It is always better to fill the stocking with an assortment of small gifts rather than a few big ones.


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