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Christmas Tree Decoration


Christmas Tree Cards
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To put up a beautiful Christmas tree, you will have to consider several things. The first thing for you to decide is, if you want to put up an artificial Christmas tree or a real Christmas tree. Once this is decided, you need to zero-in on some Christmas tree decorating ideas to deck up your house and the tree for the holidays. When it comes to Christmas tree decorating ideas, there are an unlimited number of choices; the only thing you have to keep in mind is to get the entire family to help you decorate the tree while humming some of the Christmas tree lyrics.


Tree Decoration ideas

Stringing the Christmas tree with lights and decorating it with ornaments and ribbon is a very common way of decorating the trees. This time around, play with the decorations a little bit and give your Christmas tree and entirely new look. A different color theme is a simple decorating idea which you can try out. Though red, white and green are the holiday colors, you can opt for an entirely new color this time, go to the stores and buy all the ornaments in the color you have chosen. Instead of the blinking lights which you used last time, choose some clear lights and put it on the tree in an attractive pattern.


Tree ornaments

When it comes to Christmas tree ornaments it will be a good idea to use some homemade ornaments this time. Handmade ornaments are easy to make, there are a variety of options and they give a unique customized look to the Christmas tree decorations. However, if you do not want to make the handmade ornaments, you can easily opt for the ready made which come in various attractive colors and design. If you have little kids and loveable pets in the family, choosing the unbreakable ornaments will be a good option. After decorating the tree, you can relax without having to worry if they will try to jump on the tree and break the ornaments in the process.


Tree toppers

Christmas tree toppers are the crowning-glory of the trees. Generally, the tree toppers are Christian symbols like a star or an angel; but secular symbols like nutcracker soldiers, snowmen, teddy bears, Santa, bows, snowflakes and reindeer are also becoming increasingly popular these days. The topper can also depend on the Christmas party theme; there are no hard and fast rules about this, you can even put up some handmade toppers if you want to. Generally, the tree toppers are lighted which give an added attraction to the decorations.




Names of Christmas Trees


  • Noble Fir Abies procera
  • Scots Pine Pinus sylvestris
  • Stone Pine Pinus pinea
  • Swiss Pine Pinus cembra
  • Fraser Fir Abies fraseri
  • Grand Fir Abies grandis
  • Stone Pine Pinus pinea
  • Noble Fir Abies procera
  • Red Fir Abies magnifica
  • White Fir Abies concolor
  • Pinyon Pine Pinus edulis
  • Scots Pine Pinus sylvestris
  • Balsam Fir Abies balsamea
  • Norway Spruce Picea abies
  • Jeffrey Pine Pinus jeffreyi
  • Serbian Spruce Picea omorika
  • Douglas-fir Pseudotsuga menziesii
  • Nordmann Fir Abies nordmanniana
  • Guatemalan Fir Abies guatemalensis
  • Norfolk Island Pine Araucaria heterophylla


Artificial vs. real Christmas trees

Just as the holiday season approaches you will inevitably come across debates about an artificial vs. real Christmas trees. The truth is, both artificial Christmas tree and real Christmas tree have their own set of pros and cons; you will have to take a decision about what you want for your celebrations. So, when you go to the Christmas tree store to buy the tree, you just have to tell the dimensions of your room and they will come up with something suitable. Choose an attractive Christmas tree stand to mount the tree; there are aluminums stands, wooden stands, plastic stands etc for you to choose from.


Christmas Tree Clearance

Buying the trees from the clearance sales that are offered by retailers during the holiday season is an economical option. Besides being of good quality, the artificial Christmas tree clearance provides one with lots of options when it comes to the size and variety of trees available. The Christmas tree decorations and ornaments can also be brought from the sale. After you have beautifully decked up the tree do not forget to take a few Christmas tree pictures and keep it as a memento.
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