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Have you every taken part or witnessed a Christmas trivia games? If no, then this time you must organize the game and see how much fun and a learning experience this can be. To play the game of Christmas trivia, just ask all your guests to come to the party with a list of Christmas trivia that they know. Once everybody is assembled, ask some Christmas trivia questions prepared from the list that you got from them, and then see how many of them get the answers correct. While some of the trivia may be common, you will be amazed to come across some completely unknown aspects and facts related to the festival and its celebrations.


Christmas Trivia for kids

Christmas trivia for kids will be a good exposure for your little one to know about the various things associated with the festival. Kids have an exhaustible energy when it comes to asking questions. This holiday season get prepared, to answer all the never ending questions that your child will have. You can also arrange some easy Christmas trivia questions for kids that can be included in their games. Make sure that the questions are easy, so that they can answer them easily and win the prizes that you have arranged.


Christmas Trivia facts

  1. Here is an assortment of Christmas trivia for kids and adults and just about everybody. The collection has fun trivia, interesting trivia, strange trivia and funny trivia.
  2. The mincemeat pie is a Christmas dish that is not at all what it sounds like. Originally, the pie was made out of minced meat and spices, over time fruits replaced the meat, but the name stuck.
  3. The candy cane was first made by a German choirmaster in the late 1600's; he made the candy to keep the children quite during the church service.
  4. The Christmas song ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ was initially written as a song to teach children how to count.
  5. The real Saint Nicholas was born in present day Turkey
  6. In Australia outdoor barbecue is a traditional part of celebrating Christmas
  7. In Italy, La Befana delivers gifts to children
  8. Hans Greiner is credited with designing the first Christmas ball
  9. The tradition of kissing under the mistletoe during Christmas originated in Scandinavia
  10. Santa’s sleigh is drawn by 9 reindeers
  11. Hallmark introduced its first Christmas card in the year 1915
  12. The Protestant reformer, Martin Luther first used lighted candles to decorate the Christmas trees.
  13. The British Parliament officially banned Christmas celebrations in 1643
  14. The first Christmas card was made and posted in 1843
  15. The custom of Christmas tree originated in Germany
  16. According to a tradition in Ukraine, finding a spider web on Christmas morning  is considered to be lucky
  17. The Poinsettia is known as the ‘Flower of the Holy Night’ in its birthplace Mexico
  18. The name Santa Claus is derived from Sinterklaas; it is the Dutch term for Saint Nicholas, who was famous for his generosity.
  19. Mrs. Santa Claus was first introduced to people in the book Goody Santa Claus on a Sleigh Ride by the poet Katherine Lee Bates, written in 1889
  20. In Syria a camel brings gifts to children on New Years Day
  21. The Friday and Saturday prior to Christmas is the busiest shopping day of the year.
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