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The Christmas Elf is a fictional character that is supposed to live with Santa Claus in North Pole and help him in making gifts for all the children and other chores. People believe them to have magical powers through which they can control what humans see and feel. The evidence of elves was seen in the pagan stories of Northern Europe and it was later introduced to the tales of Santa Claus during the 19th century where he was portrayed as Santa’s helper. Generally, the elves are portrayed as wearing a green or a red costume and a pointed hat and having a long nose along with pointed ears.


The Elf job can consist of:

  • To help in maintaining Santa’s sleigh
  • Making toys for all the children to be given as gifts at Christmas
  • To sort out the letters which, children from all over the world send to Santa
  • To take care of Santa’s workshop where all the toys are manufactured
  • To give everyone a secret name when they are born, if you want to know the special name, check it through the Elf name generator.
  • To feed, clean and take care of the reindeers that draws Santa’s sleigh
  • To ensure that all children are sleeping in their beds before Santa comes to deliver their Christmas presents.


Christmas Elf costume

The most wonderful thing about Christmas Elf costume is that they are not gender specific, every little boy or girl can dress up in similar costumes. If you are confused and hesitating about how the costume should look like, a peek at last year’s Christmas Elf pictures should solve the dilemma for you. Traditional Elf attire will consist of Christmas Elf shoes; they may be available in various colors, but opt for the traditional red and green. Children love to be dressed up like the elves during the holiday season, for them it involves a lot of fun in dressing up as one of Santa’s helpers.


Christmas Elf name

A Christmas Elf name generator helps you to find out your Elf name. There are lots of sites on the web which help you to do this. A fun activity for the holidays can be, to generate the Elf names of all the family members who are coming up to attend your Christmas bash. It is believed that the names are the secret names given by the Parents will have an important role to play, if they want to bring the Elf on a box in the kid’s socks drawer, in a dirty stocking on the Christmas tree, they can leave a note of the table detailing last night’s activities.

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