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Christmas is that magical time when everything else except celebrations and merrymaking takes a back seat; all people want to do is celebrate the holiday season with fun and excitement. There are various Christmas symbols which have different meanings, practices and associations to the celebrations. While some of the symbols have religious origin, some of them like the Christmas elves have pagan roots. Christmas elves help Santa in carrying out the arduous annual task of distributing gifts to kids all over the world. Elves are a huge hit with kids and as a result playing elves games is something kids look forward to during this time.


Christmas Elf

The Christmas elf is depicted as a tiny creature dressed in hats and has pointy ears and a long nose. They make the toys and the other gifts at the workshop that Santa has to distribute to kids during the holiday time and also look after his reindeer when he is not using it. Elves are supposed to have originated in stories and tales of Northern Europe in the 19th century. Depending on the country the beliefs associated with elves are interesting and varied. However, they are very popular during the holiday season and their presence can be seen in the form of dolls and elves games that are popular not only with the small kids but also with grownups.


Elves Games

Christmas ornament patterns can be in any color, make or design depending on what is available. Based on your Christmas theme the ornaments can be designed or purchased as per the requirement. Red, green, white the list of color is abundant when it comes to choosing the ornaments, you can get them in light tones, darker shades, soothing shades or glittered if you wish. If you have decided on a color coordinated Christmas idea for the celebration this year, you can order or make Christmas ornaments to color based on that, it will make your festive season lively.


Elves games online

Some of the elves games can be played online while some of them do not require the player to be online. You just have to download those games and save it on your computer; plat them anytime without worrying a bit if the internet is connected or not. There are several versions of the elves, search for the latest ones to download and play. Some of the elves games are discussed here:


Santa in a Hurry

An amusing Santa elves game is Santa in a hurry. In this game the situation is that Santa is late for delivering the gifts due to the heavy snowfall; he has to leave in a hurry to reach his destination before it is Christmas day. The player in this game has to help Santa navigate his way across the snowfall and the ensuing traffic on the road; remove all the obstacles and find out a way for him.


Decorate the tree

In this game, the elf has forgotten to do a task he was asked to by Santa. The elf was totally engrossed in the toy workshop; but now has to finish decorating the tree before Santa comes home. He has some ornaments with him, but is not very sure about the pattern in which he should place them; with the mouse, help him out in making an attractive pattern.


Gift Hunt

In this game, help the elves find out the gifts buried under the snow. Heavy snow has buried almost everything, but the treasure has to be found soon. Be careful, the player must successfully navigate the obstacles to locate the gifts.


Create the sleigh

The elves have to finish making the sleigh. Players can help them in this task by assembling the parts of the sleigh in the right order. Be careful, some of the parts are not required for making the sleigh; they are just there to make you confused, so be smart and choose!


Build the snowman

To play this game, you just ha ve lots of snow and a few accessories. Start from the beginning, dig out the snowman and decorate him with all the accessories. You have lots of accessories for this, like hat, cap, muffler, sweater, goggles, candy canes etc to make it an attractive snowman.


Throw snowballs

Santa is disappointed in you; you had sneaked in to your sister’s room and read she had written to Santa. Now, he is challenging you to fight it out by throwing snowballs at his elves. See if you can beat them in this game or they get the better of you with snow!

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