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Holidays at Christmastime deserve to be celebrated in a special way. Christmas holidays are the time for festivities, traditions, church service and of course family and friends. You can organize a Christmas party for all your loved ones complete with fun, food, games and decorations. Breaking the norm this year, you may also opt to go on a vacation with your family and celebrate Christmas in a new place with new traditions, experience and ceremonies. Taking a holiday break with your family in a new country is a fun way, to spend some quality time and store many memories from the trip.


Christmas Holidays in USA

Christmas holidays in USA are the most important religious holiday in the country. It is the time to attend special church services and spend special time bonding with close family and friends. Some of the common traditions associated with Christmas holidays in the USA include giving of gifts, eating a traditional Christmas meal with the family, singing Christmas carols, watching Christmas videos and giving Christmas cards among many other things. If you are planning to visit the USA for spending your Christmas holidays, you are sure to have a gala time with your family while taking part in a traditional Christmas celebration there. 


Christmas Holidays in Mexico

Christmas holidays in Mexico involve lots of fun and festivities, with almost every house in the country setting up the scene of nativity. On the holidays around the Christmas time, visit Mexico and experience some of the unique festival traditions observed there. Travelers can witness the tradition of breaking of piñata, where children are blindfolded and they have to break the piñata (a toy) with a stick. The Las Posadas is another unique Mexican tradition observed during the Christmas holidays. It is a nine day celebration which begins on December 16 and ends on December 24; everybody including locals and visitors can take part in the celebrations and have a grand time celebrating the feast of Christ.


Christmas Holidays in Germany

Spending the Christmas holidays in Germany is a wonderful experience. If you are going on a vacation at time, Germany is a good option for you and your family. Like many other places in the world, Christmas in Germany is a special time to be with all your near and dear ones.  The Christmas markets in the country showcase and sell traditional Christmas goods like handicrafts and arts, hand made tree topper angels, Christmas tree decorations, dolls, statutes and the air if filled up with Christmas holiday music. Visiting the various cathedrals, forts and historical monuments are another delightful experience for Christmas holidaymakers in Germany.


Christmas Holiday in Spain

While there are the usual festival traditions, there are also some unique traditions observed during the Christmas holiday in Spain. One of the unique Christmas traditions involves the lighting of a bonfire where people jump over it as a symbolic protection against all types of illness. Some of the other common traditions include enacting the nativity scene, decorating the Christmas trees and others. The Christmas market is filled up with goods like handmade Christmas gifts, flowers, sweets, Christmas candles, flowers, decorations, Christmas ornaments etc.


Christmas Holiday 2015

A Christmas holiday is just the perfect time for you to take a break with your family from your daily grind. Unwind by visiting some of the warmer locales and experience some wonderful traditions, which you might not know otherwise of celebrating Christmas.

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