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If quizzing is your passion, you will surely love to have a go, at Christmas quiz games to test your skills. Doing activities that you with your near and dear ones is something everyone loves. There are various types of activities like quizzes and others that one can do depending on their choice, some of the options are: Christmas Quizzes and games, Christmas Quiz for kids and Christmas Quiz games among others.


Do you think that you know all Christmas?

Well then, given below is an assortment of Christmas quiz questions and answers, find out how many you get correct:


Christmas Quiz questions and answers


1. Who wrote The Snow Man?

2. Name the popular Christmas song which was originally written for Thanksgiving

3. In which year was electric Christmas tree lights used for the 1st time

4. How many spirits came to visit Scrooge in the tale ‘A Christmas Carol’

5. In which country did the actual St. Nicholas live

6. In which book does the phrase ‘'For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord’ appear

7. Which European country does not follow the tradition of Elves

8. Name the popular Christmas carol originally written by King Henry VIII

9. Name the first patron saint to put on a Christmas nativity play

10. How many candles does a Hanukkah Menorah hold

11. Which are the twelve days of Christmas

12. Name the first English monarch to have a Christmas tree

13. Name the poem written in 1821 that mentioned Santa Claus for the first time

14. Name the US body that gives the latest information on Christmas Eve about the flight path of Santa Claus

15. How does Sinterklaas (Santa Claus) delivers presents to the children in Netherlands

16. Which city known as ‘The Gingerbread Capital of the World’ is famous for its Christmas market

17. How many reindeers pull Santa’s sleigh

18. Which president of the United States of America introduced the convention of giving Christmas gifts to the domestic staff at the White House

19. Which was the first state in the United States of America to recognize Christmas as an official holiday and when

20. Who was the first president to decorate the official White House Christmas tree

21. Who was Scrooge’s dead Christmas partner in the classic tale ‘A Christmas Carol’

22. Under which plant is it customary to exchange kisses at Christmas

23. According to traditions in Ukraine, what does it mean if you find a spider web in the house on Christmas morning

24. Which author of fantasy fiction wrote The Father Christmas Letters

25. Who wrote ‘A Christmas Carol’

26. Who are known as ‘Yule Lads’ in Iceland Christmas tradition

27. Which country issues the first Christmas commemorative stamp and when

28. How many Christmas cards are estimated to be sent out in the United states annually

29. In which year was Queen’s message to the nation televised for the first time

30. In which country did the traditional Christmas flower Poinsettia originally grow

31. What is the ‘Urn of Faith’; it is a Christmas tradition in Italy

32. Where does Santa Claus live

33. Name the famous ballet performed at Christmas time

34. Why was the Grinch hateful

35. What are the most popular colors at Charismas

36. What is the traditional name of the Christmas snowman

37. What is Santa Claus’s saintly name

38. What are Jesus’ parents name

39. In which city was Jesus Christ born

40. Name the three king’s who went to visit the infant Jesus

Answer:- (1)-Raymond Briggs, (2) - Jingle Bells, (3) -1895 ,(4) -Four,(5) -Turkey ,(6) -Luke, (7)- The Netherlands, (8) - What Child Is This?, (9)- St. Francis of Assisi , (10) -Nine, (11) - The 12 days after Christmas, which is December 26 to January 6 , (12) -Queen Victoria , (13) -The Children’s Friend, (14) -North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), (15) -On Horseback, (16) - Nuremberg, Germany, (17) -Nine, (18) - Rutherford B. Hayes, (19) -The state of Alabama in the year 1836, (20) - Franklin Pierce , (21) - Jacob Marley, (22) -Mistletoe, (23) -It brings good luck in the coming year, (24) - J.R.R. Tolkien, (25) -Charles Dickens, (26) -They are a band of thirteen gift bearing elves, (27) -Austria in the year 1937, (28) -More than 3 billion, (29) -On December 25, 1957, (30) -Mexico, (31) -A real urn containing gifts, (32) -North pole, (33) -The Nutcracker Ballet, (34) -His heart was 3 sizes too small, (35) -Red and Green, (36) -Frosty, (37) -Nicholas, (38) -Joseph and Mary, (39) -Bethlehem, (40) -Casper, Melchior and Balthazar

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