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Santa Claus Crafts


Christmas is one of the best times of the year for many people. It is the time for family, friends, Santa Claus crafts, parties, food, prayers and celebrations. Making some Santa Claus craft is a fun activity, which kids can do to lend a helping hand to their parents in the decorations. Decking up the whole house, for the holiday is an arduous task. So, a little help from your family in the form of crafts, which they make, is always welcome. Making the crafts is a good way of displaying, the creativity which one has; whether it is a kid, toddler or an adult they can display their skills.

Kids love Santa Claus and during the holidays, they look forward to a visit from Father Christmas with gifts. There are various Santa Claus crafts, which kids can make to add Christmas splendor while they are waiting for the gifts. There are a variety of Santa Claus crafts children, Santa Claus crafts toddlers and Santa Claus crafts for kindergarten for the little ones. Just choose a craft which they will enjoy to make, and have fun doing it with their family. You can help them by getting the supplies, which are required and also by keeping, an eye on how they are going about making the craft.


Santa Claus crafts for kids


An interesting craft for kids is to make a Christmas wall hanging. This is a very simple activity, which the kid can make with a little help and supervision, from an adult. The supplies need to make this craft are glitter glue, craft paper, acrylic paint, pompoms and paint brushes. In the paper, draw Santa’s face; any other Christmas symbol can also be drawn. Include the hat, beard and the red cap in the picture.

Draw and paint alphabets in the paper. Cut out the letter and make a word like jolly, merry, Christmas etc. You can use the pompoms for the letter ‘O’ to give an attractive look to the craft. Spread out the glue on the letters and sprinkle some glitter at the top. Stick the letters to form a word and do not forget, to make a small loop at the top to hang it up.


Santa Claus crafts for kindergarten   


Kindergarten kids can make a Santa Claus toilet paper roll during the holidays. This is a fun activity and with his/her siblings helping them out, they will have a good time making it.  For this activity the materials required are a toilet paper roll, printer, a piece of construction paper, crayons, makers, scissor and glue. After all the materials have been assemble, find a picture of Santa which you want to put on the roll and print that. Use the crayons and color the picture whenever required and cut out the picture. Glue the rectangle paper which you have cut out on the toilet paper roll. Attach a belt made or ribbon with glue at the top to hand the roll to hang it. Your Santa Claus toilet paper craft is now ready for use!

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